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Cisco Spark Service: One Experience—Meet, Message, and Call

Teamwork, Re-imagined

Agility is a key requirement for your modern enterprise to capture and maintain a strategic advantage. Foundationally, being agile means using borderless collaborative technologies that promote the most effective means of cross-functional teaming. Cloud Network Solutions is pleased to offer Cisco Spark service as part of our collaboration offering. This solution delivers on the complete continuum of collaborative experiences for voice, video, meetings, messaging, and mobility, which are hosted entirely in the cloud and are encrypted end to end. The end user experience is beautifully simple and designed to enhance the natural motions of team collaboration, while eliminating confusion and minimizing time lost by leaving voicemails, sending emails, and conducting unnecessary meetings.

Simple and flexible, the proposed Cisco Spark service allows your business to focus on innovation and maintaining a strategic advantage. Eliminate wasting time and resources on managing fragmented and overlapping technology silos.

The solution offers completely re-imagined experiences to meet, message, and call.

  • Meet: Jump on ad hoc meetings or quickly schedule one from any device. Use the green button to join from anywhere and see everyone face to face.
  • Message: The virtual manifestation of physical meeting rooms where teams have one linear conversation—before, during, and after meetings.
  • Call: Users have one identity for voice, video, and content desktop sharing.

Cisco Spark Service—One Platform for Team Collaboration


One Solution to Stay Connected

Cisco Spark service provides your teams with a way to quickly pull people together and get work done from anywhere and on any device. This solution integrates calling, messaging, content sharing, and conferencing capabilities in such a simple way that it is hard to tell where one ends, and the next begins.

All Cisco Spark service capabilities are part of a simple, complete, and secure user experience. For instance, when calling another Cisco Spark user, you can instantly share your desktop with a single click. Or, join a video conference from anywhere using your device of choice, which could be a mobile device if you are on the road. You can also use a video room system if you are in the office with other colleagues. Yet another way is through a Cisco phone, offered by Cloud Network Solutions, if you are at your desk. If you are in the

conference room, you can just as easily move that video meeting from the Cisco Spark Room Device, also offered by us, to your mobile device so you won’t miss anything when you need to leave.

Cloud Network Solutions’ proposed Cisco Spark service lives in the end-to-end encrypted Cisco Collaboration Cloud.

The Cisco Spark Advantage

The solution’s cloud platform, app-centric design, and optional hybrid architecture create a very powerful and differentiated offering. It is:

  • Complete: With the Cisco Spark service, you get all the best Cisco collaboration services wrapped up in one complete service. This will provide you a great experience regardless of location or device. You can message, meet, and call with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Also, because the service is hosted in Cisco’s cloud, all services are always up to date with the latest Cisco apps and services.
  • Simple: The Cisco Spark service is delivered entirely from the Cisco Collaboration Cloud. Each element has been designed to make users’ and administrators’ experiences simple and intuitive. This makes the service easy to use and manage. It is also provided on a simple subscription basis, allowing services to be added on demand.
  • Secure: Security is integral to the Cisco Spark service. To build this service, Cisco combined its extensive experience gained from securing some of the world’s largest networks. The solution’s security includes the hardware and the software elements of Cisco’s market-leading enterprise communications and cloud services. This increases the security and the reliability of the service.

One Experience

You’re never more than one click from making and receiving voice and video calls, joining meetings, scheduling meetings, and more. The three main components—meet, message, and call—all come together in one simple interface to form a single experience.


Connect teams and meet customers easily with the added benefits of before-, during-, and after-meeting messaging and content sharing using the solution’s app. It’s easy to schedule or join a meeting from the office, at home, on the road, or room-based video systems. The Cisco Spark service offers two levels of meeting capabilities. Basic meetings allow you to have instant meetings with audio, video, and screen-sharing capabilities with any Cisco Spark user. Advanced meetings provide all the capabilities of Cisco WebEx® meetings, available through Cloud Network Solutions and allow anyone to join a meeting on any device, even third-party devices and systems. You can even video-enable your conference rooms with the offered Cisco Spark Room Devices. Enjoy lifelike experiences to improve engagement and rapidly build relationships and trust.


The Cisco Spark solution’s message capability lets you enjoy one-to-one and group messaging in virtual rooms that can keep your content and context for team interactions. You can also prepare, share, and iterate on content in the Cisco Spark room with everyone involved. The Cisco Spark service’s unified communications make it simple to work together as a team and get things done.


The Cisco Spark solution is also a cloud-based phone system that enables voice and video communications through mobile and desktop soft clients, Cisco IP phones, and room-based video systems. This solution integrates with Cisco Spark messages and meetings to deliver new and better ways to get work done quickly. Simply connect public-switched-telephone-network (PSTN) services to the app for one-touch

directory dialing and voicemail. Do you already have Cisco call control? Use Cisco Spark Hybrid Services from us to integrate what you have with Cisco Spark message and meeting and get all the capabilities of the Cisco Spark service from the cloud.

The Cisco Spark service works on virtually any device and is updated regularly to meet your latest system compatibility needs.

Cisco Spark Hybrid Services

Cloud Network Solutions offers Cisco Spark Hybrid Services, which allow you to integrate your on-premises assets with the Cisco Spark in the Cisco Collaboration Cloud. This helps protect your investments and provide even greater collaboration capabilities for a more delightful end-user and IT experience. We offer three core Cisco Spark Hybrid Services:

  • Hybrid Call Service: Call service enables you to use the Cisco call control you have or desire (such as Cisco Unified Communications Manager [UCM], Cisco Business Edition 6000 or 7000, or Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution [HCS]), all available through Cloud Network Solutions. It also enables you to integrate it so tightly with the Cisco Spark’s meeting and message capabilities that your end users will never know they’re not using a single service.
  • Hybrid Calendar Service: This service integrates your on-premises Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and Google calendar (G Suite) with the Cisco Spark’s meeting and message capabilities. This makes it simpler to schedule meetings and create Cisco Spark spaces.
  • Hybrid Directory Service: This service integrates with the Cisco Spark meet, message, and call to provide easy click-to-meet, message, or call. It automatically synchronizes the Cisco Spark with the on-premises Microsoft Active Directory to provide accurate and consistent click-to-call capabilities for users and ease the administrative burden for IT.

Integrate the Cisco Spark with Your Business-Critical Apps

The power of the Cisco Spark app is open to anyone seeking to extend the Cisco Spark service experience to their own business apps using open APIs. With Cisco Spark for Developers, offered by Cloud Network Solutions, you can easily integrate connections from external apps such as Zendesk, Trello, and GitHub. At Cisco Spark Depot, which is also available through us, users can choose pre-integrations and bots that are available in Cisco Spark.

Business-Class Management

We offer the Cisco Cloud Control Hub, which provides visibility and control for the Cisco Spark service. It is so simple to use—no IT experience is needed to manage this web-based, single-plane-of-glass service. The management portal enables you to provision and manage users, entitlements, devices, and services for the entire Cisco Spark service (meet, message, and call).

For those needing more advanced capabilities or integrations with your existing security, compliance, and analytics software, the premium Pro Pack for Cisco Spark Control Hub is also available through Cloud Network Solutions. It allows you to manage encryption keys on premises with Cisco Spark Hybrid Data Security, integrate with data-loss prevention and archival solutions, view usage trends to help get the most out of your service, along with many more capabilities.

The Cisco Spark external health portal provides status and performance monitoring. When you subscribe, you can be notified of service maintenance and incidents by email, SMS, or feed. Operations are simplified through integrated service management.

Cisco Spark Benefits

The following table describes how the Spark solution can help you achieve your business objectives.

Desired Business OutcomeHow Cisco Spark Can Make It Happen
Accelerate business• Promotes growth: The proposed Cisco Spark service provides a platform for innovation and growth. It helps connect and engage employees, customers, and partners while helping control cost without compromise.
• Speeds decision making: Start a one-to-one video call or a group meeting from wherever you are to accelerate decision making. Share what’s on your screen for fast alignment. You can join the meeting from any device.
• Simplifies how people work together: The proposed Cisco Spark service holds your teams’ ideas, conversations, and files for future reference. Everyone is always looped in. You’ll be notified of any new activity in your secure virtual spaces and see when people have viewed what you’ve shared. You can preview files immediately without having to download them.
Collaborate without risk• Secures your information: You can work confidently knowing that anything shared is encrypted and can only be read by the intended recipients. When the content is sensitive, room moderators can lock their spaces and decide who can be added.
Free up IT resources• Provides cloud simplicity: The proposed Cisco Spark as-a-service cloud approach reduces complexity for IT while enabling new collaboration apps for users who want to be more productive. With this service, you pay for what you need. You can scale apps and users up or down as needed. And there is little to no infrastructure to buy or maintain—everything is hosted in the Cisco Collaboration Cloud and managed by Cisco.

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