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Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series Switches: Next-generation Switches Optimized for the Cloud and IoT

Secure, Programmable Switching Designed for the User

IT is evolving to meet the shifting needs of the network. Thanks to digital innovation, modern networks are being positioned to place a greater emphasis on the individual user. Retailers are using the Internet of Things (IoT) to give customers a more enriched shopping experience. Employees with multiple devices are working outside office walls to take advantage of new business opportunities. And customers with advanced smartphones are connecting with businesses anywhere and at any time. While these digital interactions benefit the organization, the network and its switches must be equipped to handle this activity using a secure and organized approach.

Network threats are becoming more advanced and persistent. As hackers use increasingly sophisticated methods, the potential attack surface is expanding. While organizations use public cloud services, BYOD policies add a layer of complexity in managing the traffic. Using advanced malware and threat detection, attacks must be met before, during, and after the intrusion for maximum protection. In addition to having a robust security presence, network switches should offer:

  • Operational simplicity: Switches with a programmable architecture can limit time-consuming and repetitive network configuration tasks.
  • Lower TCO: Organizations are demanding more from networks and their IT purchases. Next-generation switches should have built-in investment protection elements for the future.
  • Optimization for security, mobility, IoT, and the cloud: With more devices in use, customers want specialized and timely access. Switches that offer enhanced connectivity and policy federation promote cloud integration.

Switches Optimized for the Cloud and IoT

Cloud Network solutions offers solutions built around best in class  Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series Switches, the next-generation in the Catalyst family of enterprise LAN access core switches. These are the first purpose-built platforms designed for full fabric-control with Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA™) as well as Cisco Software-Defined Access (SD-Access). These switches deliver high-performance and functionality with innovations in security threat detection, IoT convergence, cloud readiness, and programmability. The Catalyst 9000 Series is also the first to offer Cisco ONE™ Software subscription-based software licenses, also available through Cloud Network Solutions, allowing the choice of purchasing the specific features you need.

Cisco DNA is an open, extensible, and software-driven architecture that accelerates and simplifies your enterprise network operations. With advanced security threats, exponential growth of IT devices, mobility everywhere, and cloud adoption, the network fabric integrates advanced hardware and software innovations to automate, secure, and simplify the network. Cisco SD-Access enables policy-based automation from the edge to the cloud with simplified deployment and unified management

Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series Switches Benefits

The following describes how the switching infrastructure based on catalyst 9000 solution can help you achieve your business objectives. All Cisco products mentioned are available through Cloud Network Solutions.

Desired Business Outcome: Operational and management simplicity

Automation: Cisco SD-Access provides policy-based automation from the edge to the cloud and helps improve issue resolution time. Automated device provisioning automates the process of upgrading software images and installing configuration files on Cisco Catalyst switches when they are initially deployed in the network.

Granular visibility: Cisco IOS XE software, the open and programmable converged OS, enables the push model, which provides near real-time monitoring of the network, leading to quick detection and resolution. Model-driven telemetry provides a mechanism to stream data from a switch to a destination.

Desired Business Outcome: Enhanced security

Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA): ETA can help identify malware in the encrypted traffic from the access layer. As more traffic is encrypted, the increased visibility that ETA offers can assist in keeping your network secure.

Cisco Trust Anchor Technologies: Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series Switches include Trustworthy Systems that provide a highly secure foundation for Cisco products and promote hardware and software authenticity assurance.

  • Image signing: Cryptographically signed images provide assurance that the firmware, BIOS, and other software are authentic and unmodified.
  • Secure Boot: This feature provides layered protection against the persistence of illicitly modified firmware. Secure Boot anchors the boot sequence chain of trust to immutable hardware.

Cisco Trust Anchor Module: This tamper-resistant, strong-cryptographic, single-chip solution provides hardware authenticity assurance to uniquely identify the product.

Desired Business Outcome: IoT and cloud optimization

IoT convergence: Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series Switches merge the IoT network with the enterprise network. Subtended access simplifies management and enables the use of components such as security cameras, lighting, smart printers, vending machines, or medical devices. Manufacturer user description (MUD) validates the IoT device, extends trust, and applies policy to the device.

Cloud ready: A complete DevOps tool kit is provided. This includes Zero-touch provisioning (ZTP) or Plug-n-Play (PnP) provisioning for bootstrapping, configuration, and automation through open interfaces and server management tools such as Ansible, Puppet, and Python.

Desired Business Outcome: IT investment protection

Infrastructure optimization: Cisco Flexible NetFlow (FnF) allows optimization of the network infrastructure. This helps to reduce operating costs through flexibility and scalability.

Efficient switch operation: Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series Switches provide Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE) that contributes to a reduction in power usage. The ports are capable of reduced power modes so that ports not in use can move into a lower power utilization state.

Compatible with future versions: Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series Switches are compatible with future versions to provide high performance while including future support for new features and custom application integration.

Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series Switches Advantage

Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series Switches help you adapt to the fast-changing digital landscape while protecting your network from security attacks. When new technologies, applications, and devices emerge, your network will be ready to handle these changes. And as users demand more network capabilities and convenience, the proposed switches offer several benefits related to security, mobility, IoT, and the cloud:

  • Mobility: Fabric-enabled built-in wireless controller, end-to-end security, simplified guest and mobility tunneling, distributed data plane optimized for roaming, and compatible with future versions.
  • IoT: Automated IoT device segmentation and protocol recognition, simple device provisioning with ZTP, strict timing synchronization for distributed IoT device deployment, segment users and devices on a common network based on policy.
  • Cloud: Single pane of glass management with SD-Access and the included Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Enterprise Module (APIC-EM), refined intelligence and programmability with Open Cisco IOS XE, simple QoS policy management, complete enterprise IT control for cloud access, on-box application performance analytics.

Through the use of Cisco Stealthwatch, also available through Cloud Network Solutions, these switches allow for enhanced Network as a Sensor and Enforcer capabilities, security policy automation, and encrypted threat visibility. The AES-256 MACsec encryption provides authentication and encryption for packets between endpoints. In addition, network analytics are generated to help identify malware within encrypted traffic. With these capabilities, the proposed Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series provides an advanced threat defense for your network.

Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series Switches Details

Cisco Software-Defined Access and Cisco StackWise Virtual are offered through Cloud Network Solutions as part of the solutions based Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series Switches.

Cisco Software-Defined Access

Cisco SD-Access is the next-generation architecture for the enterprise network and is a key feature of the Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series Switches. Aligned with the included Cisco DNA, it uses a centralized controller to provide a management framework. This framework will simplify the provisioning of your network, administer group-based policy for users, and provide telemetry to help identify problems and provide corrective actions.

Cisco SD-Access also transforms the network from a vendor proprietary system to an open and programmable infrastructure. Rather than dealing with disparate networks and setting up multiple VLANs, it automates many processes and supports virtualization. Thanks to its long-term cost reduction, centralized management, on‑demand provisioning, and network flexibility, Cisco SD-Access provides operational and strategic advantages over traditional enterprise networks.

Cisco StackWise Virtual

Cisco StackWise Virtual is an advanced stacking technology that supports both access and distribution deployments through multiple topologies. It provides higher scale for system virtualization at the network layer. A StackWise Virtual configuration in the distribution layer of the network interacts with the access and core layer switches as if it were a single logical switch. An access/core switch connects to both switches of the StackWise Virtual placement using one logical port channel known as Multi-Chassis EtherChannel (MEC). StackWise Virtual also simplifies the Layer 3 network topology by reducing the number of routing peers in the network and depicting itself as one logical switch.

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