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Wireless Network Solutions

Cloud Network Solutions offers best in class Managed and Professional Wireless Network Services involving comprehensive Wireless LAN Lifecycle Management which consists of Plan, Design, Deploy, Monitor & Troubleshoot, Remediate, Optimize.
Solutions include designing, implementing and managing Indoor, Outdoor and Industrial wireless systems.

Wireless Audit & Assessment

The WLAN Design and Deployment project begins with a site survey to assess the Radio Frequency (RF) behavior in a particular environment. Multiple problems can arise in a wireless network due to poor planning and poor RF coverage.
We ensure proper planning, preparation, and identification of the key items to check through the analysis of a survey report.

Secure WLAN Design

We Design your WLAN solution considering Network Security. Secure Wireless Networks are important for any Organization to avoid data thefts and hacking.

While designing your wireless network we consider security as the major aspect. Latest threats to wireless networks are taken into consideration while designing a solution for the customer.

Monitoring services are provided to ensure 24/7 security for your wireless network.

Robust WLAN Design

Cloud Network Solutions provide services for designing & planning a wireless LAN (WLAN) within a high-density environment like a Enterprise, university or college campus where large concentration of users, such as a Corporate floor, a classroom, lecture hall, or auditorium where the users are connected wirelessly, sharing applications, VoIP Phones & Voice applications, and using other network services individually.
We adhere to design guidelines put forward by manufacturers of specific wireless hardware including RF considerations, Security & High Availability.

Our Solution Architects will understand your business needs and translate that into a Wireless solution relevant to your current and future requirements.

WLAN Performance Optimization

Optimizing Wireless LAN throughout the organization is critical to achieving desired business outcomes. We at Cloud Network Solutions ensure that we optimise your wireless networks such a way that there is seamless wireless connectivity,  prioritize business applications, building resiliency within the organization resulting in enhanced productivity by employees.

WLAN Deployment Services

We offer complete deployment services for your WLAN hardware and applications like Cisco Prime Infrastructure. Our team of delivery engineers and project managers are expert level Certified, trained and experienced with various Cisco & other vendor solutions and third-party application integrations.

Our deployment services are well planned and managed. We document everything and provide it to our customers as a baseline.

WLAN Managed Services & Continuity support

Our managed services focused on Wireless LAN applications and hardware helps with business continuity and ongoing support for the existing platform.

We support multi-vendor environments for monitoring and management.

We also provide support for contracts and advance replacement of critical hardware key to your Wireless Network Infrastructure uptime.

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Our Process

Cloud Network Solutions encompasses design, planning, deploy, operations and optimization services for Wireless LANs. We perform site surveys and based on that propose a solution to the customer to make sure best in class services are provided.

We provide both Professional as well as Managed services models to the customer for wireless networks.
Our Engineers have great experience in Handling WLAN projects in the NOC environment and also provide faster resolutions.
For professional services, we offer high quality, cost-effective solutions to our customers.

We make sure we engage the best resources for your business-critical projects.

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  • Expert Level Certified Engineers.
  • Dedicated Support to all our customers
  • Expertise around WLAN applications like BYOD, IOT.
  • Comprehensive services offering
  • Industry Leading Wireless LAN solutions

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